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FAQ (Frequently asked questions)
On this page we listed the frequently asked questions together with the answers. If you have a questions which is not listed here feel free to send us your questions using the contact form under contact. Thank you.
  •  How does shopping function?
  •  How can I find fastest something?
  •  How do I order?
  •  What happens with my data?
  •  Can I also order by e-mail?
  •  Can I also pay with credit card?
  •  Which data must I give?
  •  Security - With the purchase with optimally protected!
  •  When is my credit card account loaded?

  • Answers
    How does shopping function?
    The columns in the waagrechten navigation form our rooms as for example sitting room, bedroom or garden. In the start list there are the most attractive offers and novelties of the respective rooms. After click on a product group all contained products are indicated you in an overview. In the left navigation bar you see our style directions, Specials and our services. If you wanted more information about a product, click this and a detailed description it is indicated you. At this point you can also check immediately whether your desirable article is available in different colours and the article in your goods basket insert.
    How can I find fastest something?
    If you quite about know what you want to search and not rummage only, reach about the searching function search easier in the purpose. Simply give the headword, e.g., "sofa" and the searching results are indicated you.
    How do I order?
    Select in complete silence from our offer. Compare equipment, colour, price, etc. If you like an article especially well, simply click on the badge " in the goods basket lay " - completely as well as in a "real" department store. In the goods basket you see the articles reserved by you as well as the topical prices from the first sight. Would like you to order now? Then you inform us of your data and give the desired payment kind. So that you see that your order has also come with us, receive if you wanted, a short feedback by e-mail.
    What happens with my data?
    Their data are sure with us! Since is obliged to the protection of your data highly and keeps of course to the data protection regulations. During the transference of the data a Secure-Socket-Layer-Encoding (SSL) which guarantees a sure transference of all data is used. In addition you find out further details on our side of information to the data protection.
    Can I also order by e-mail?
    Of course you can also order by e-mail from us. To guarantee a speedy treatment, we recommend you to give your order on the Internet. They have on the Internet, among the rest, the advantage that you get directly that the delivery is available of the respective article indicated with all articles which you would like to order.
    Can I also pay with credit card?
    Unfortunately payment by credit card is not possible. Please transfer the money within 7 days after your order to our account:

    IBAN: DE38 7216 0818 0006 2009 82
    Bank: Volksbank Raiffeisenbank Bayern Mitte eG
    Inhaber: Wagner Möbel Manufaktur GmbH & Co. KG
    Which data must I give?
    In addition to the map number, the validity and the credit card society we need the test figure of your credit card. The test figure is guaranteed 3-figure (Eurocard / Mastercard, luncheons club, visas) or 4-figure (American express train) number on your credit card, they the payment security on the Internet.
    Security - With the purchase with optimally protected!
    To prevent the unjustified access of third to your data, we use the most modern encoding technologies as for example the Secure Socket Layer (SSL). The SSL is a standard protocol approved on the Internet which guarantees a sure data exchange. Besides, all order data are transmitted, so also your credit card data, exclusively coded to us. In addition, we offer to the customers of Mastercard and visas 3D-Secure encoding procedure which does the use of the credit card for unauthorized, with the participant shops, impossibly.
    When is my credit card account loaded?
    We load to you the purchase price with the order of the product.
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